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About Deborah Abbott

Deborah Abbott was born in 1968 in Sheffield and initially trained as a nurse, before receiving a first class BA Hons ‘Creative Arts for Theatre and Film’ from The University for the Creative Arts. She is currently studying MA Fine Art at the University of Kent.


Abbott works with a wide variety of materials and media, ranging from metal, ceramics to sound and light. Her current practice is born out of a personal struggle with disability, specifically brain injury and the attempt to explore a translation of the experience of pain, trauma and dysfunction within the internal (microscopic neurones in the head) into an expanded, externalised form of matter, image and duration. Her work aims to challenge societal misconceptions of disability and to take the viewer to a place where they can develop empathy with, and even embody, the physical struggles of others.

Clients include:              The Chatham Central Theatre

                                        The Guildhall Museum , Rochester

                                        CBBC, Maidstone Television Studios

                                        The Salvation Army

                                        Chatham ‘Youff’

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