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Metal Body of Horse and Figure of Odysseus

I cut a metal bar to reinforce the support struts with an angle grinder and ground the edges smooth.

I welded the support bars onto the cross struts of the body with the MIG welder. However the finished result was not really as good as I had hoped. This was probably for two reasons: the first due to my inexperience with welding ( I began to realise that this would change on this project ); the second was that using 0.8 mm mild steel, I would be better to spot weld in this instance. I decided to remake the body of the horse and spot weld it instead to produce a more aesthetically pleasing result.

Beginning Odysseus figure.

I printed out a template of a man at 1:10 scale so that he would be in proportion. I then cut two small blocks of wood to fit inside the template and shaped them like a chest and pelvis. I then drilled small holes for the armature wire and stuck it in with super glue before adding coiled paper. Gaps were left for the joints to enable the limbs to bend.

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