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Guildhall Museum - To top it off!

The roof plans.

Today we carried on building the roof supports.

Firstly we cut any overhangs (excess) off with a saw. We then made cross bars to stop the roof from warping at all. Extra screws were put in to make sure everything was totally secure.

We then measured and cut plywood to fit the roof, marking up where the screws that we needed to get to were. Small notches were cut so that we could get to the screws later. These panels were screwed in place, as opposed to being pinned, because later it's possible we may need to take them off if any adjustments need to be made when we fit it in the Guildhall.

Then it was all hands on deck, to take the roof off - certainly not straight forward. The panels wouldn't come off at all to start with as we had done such a good job making it a snug fit against the stones, there was no wiggle room. Also it was very high - good thing Alex is tall!

Tom and I then divided the roof panels into two separate sections, putting another beam down the middle to make it easier to handle.

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