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KITS COTY- Oh, those cracks!

Photograph of the threaded fixings, hammered into the base board.

Unfortunately, when we came in today the paint that we had applied to all of the flats had cracked up. This was probably because we were having trouble getting the Flintex dried in time and had put it on too soon. We tried painting it twice more, but the problem persisted. Eventually, we painted them first with Coven Garden Primer, this solved the problem. Thank goodness for that.

Some of the boards which had not been painted yet, had some quite deep pockets of undried Flintex. These, I slit with a scalpel and excised, to give them a better chance of drying.

How many times can we paint the same flat? Many it seems! This was the test piece when we discovered that Covent Garden Primer could solve our problem. Flintex is rubbery, so maybe that is the reason, as seen below.

Covent Garden Primer

Designed for the Royal Opera House for priming vacuum formed plastics, this water based primer can be tinted and is ideal for difficult surfaces such as dance floor, PVC, clear plastics, and rubber flooring.


Covent Garden Primer is formulated to be a first coat prior to conventional painting although adding 20% to your scenic paint will normally make it stick to dance floor materials.

The best water based primer for vacuum formed plastic sheet.

Aids adhesion of water based paints to difficult substrates.

Use it when painting dance floors - see also Hatocel plastic sheet paints.

Very popular, well tried product.

Coverage is 8 square metres per litre.

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