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KITS COTY - Flintex

Today, I trimmed the edges of the large side panels for the installation and sculpted them a little ready to be covered in Flintex , with Chloe. We then coated them with it and put them in the spray room to dry, hoping that the heat in there would help them dry faster.

An economical, flexible and fire retardant texture compound which is waterbased and can be tinted with any waterbased pigment or paint.

It is a durable product only marginally less tough than Idenden Brushcote.

Ideally suited to theatre scenery and most other projects excepting those needed to endure very heavy traffic.

Adding Fillite will create a lighter and more economical mix for larger areas. It will be slightly less flexible but have a more matt finish- good for bricks or York stone on ply.

Foam crumbs can also be added for more texture.


Available in White Only.

Suitable for interior or exterior use, although the addition of pigments and textures may affect its weather resistance.

May be spray applied using M2900 Airless Sprayer.

Technical Details:

Non-Flammable when wet, and Class "0" when dry BS 476 parts 4, 6 & 7.

Moisture Vapour Permeability 0.11 perms.

Fungal Resistant.

Weight: 1.35 kg per Litre.

After each flat was covered in Flintex, they were given a dusting of Almond Powder in places to give texture - See photo above.

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