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KITS COTY - Is it snowing!

First thing today, I spent a while removing nails from an old piece of wood so that it could be re-used. Waste not, want not!

We finished trimming the side panels to make sure that they both fit well against the 'stone'.

All this polystyrene - it's starting to get like a snowstorm even with sweeping and hoovering as much as possible!

Next Leigh and I measured and drew out the struts that would be needed to make the roof panel into a flat. These were then cut out on a circular saw.

We made sure we numbered each piece of wood and it's corresponding placement on the roof panel to make it obvious when it came to putting it together.

The finished roof flat, ready to be screwed together from the other side.

We started to coat all of the chamber flats, with Flintex, more about that tomorrow.

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