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KITS COTY- Styroputz, fixings & Artex

Yesterday and today , I continued putting Styroputz onto the surfaces of the 'stone' arch.

Unfortunately, before we realised we needed wooden batons attached to some of the surfaces, to attach the side walls onto, we had completely coated them in Styroputz! We had to cut a chanel for the wood with a chisel.

The wooden batons were then attached using expanding foam. I made diagonal holes at regular intervals through the polystryrene for the foam to go into. The wood was then placed onto this and weighted overnight so that it would set in place.

On the surfaces that were dry, myself and Alex put patches of Artex, to give the surfaces of the stone a variety of textures. This would make the entire thing more realistic and believable.

As the right hand stone is deliberately set at an angle, the wooden batons for the wall fixings needed to be adjusted so that they were at 90 degrees to the floor. This was done with a spirit level.


The original Artex textured finish is formulated from selected water soluble binders combined with inert fillers.

It is supplied as a powder for mixing with water.

When applied to non-combustible surfaces Artex provides a Class 0 surface in accordance with National Building Regulations.

Artex is non-toxic and non-hazardous, however the use of glove and a dust mask are recommended to prevent irritations.

Supplied in a white colour,it can be overpainted when dry.

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