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KITS COTY - Keep it flat

Am/ Leigh and myself cut the left hand side wall, to fit in against the stone. To do this we cut a small piece of pencil shaped wood and ran the point of it down the undulating edge of the stone. We held a pencil against the other end and made marks of the plywood to create the same shape on it. This was then cut out with a jig saw. We did have to make some minor adjustments, but it was a pretty successful technique.

The panel was then stapled onto the wooden batons to secure it. It would need to be dismantled for transportation so care was taken not to attach it to the batons protruding from the arch itself

Once this was done we set about making 5 flats for the chamber at the back of Kits Coty.

510mm x 2

610mm x 2

550mm x 1

We used a spirit level to make sure all the cross supports were level and to draw in lines to show where to pin the Plywood.

We (Alex, Leigh and myself) cut sheets of polystyrene to fit the flats, with undulating edges to give a rock appearance. We did this on the band saw.

We (Alex, Leigh and myself) cut sheets of polystyrene to fit the flats, with undulating edges, to give a rock appearance

We put expanding foam around the edge of the polystrene sheets and turned them quickly to place them onto the correct flats. These were then layered up with with weights in between to put plenty of pressure on overnight. At the top we lay planks of wood and piled as many buckets of paint on as we could fit, to make sure it was really compressed.

With the larger side flats we used a similar method, though we lay large sheets of ply over the top first to make sure that the polystyrene didn't get damaged.

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