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Guildhall Museum - Off to put it in!

PM/ Before we loaded anything into the van we checked again that all of the back pieces of the chamber fitted properly onto the wooden dowels. It's easier to sort it out at this end that's for sure.

That sorted, we took it all apart again ready for loading into the van.

Everything was carefully loaded into the van, with blankets in between to make sure we didn't take any of the coatings off any of the surfaces.

All arrived in one piece, carried up the Guildhall's stairs (much to the surprise of some tourists) and the chamber put back together.

Many thanks go to the staff of the Guildhall in their kindness in supplying us with tea, sausage rolls and doughnuts to help our work along. It did!

The panels were securely screwed together and it was then pushed back roughly into place.

Next we added the roof panels, one at a time. Unfortunately, we had left the back roof supports behind, so we had to take two pieces of wood from elsewhere to use. Getting the right height was tricky and took a lot of shuffling about.

All of the roof on, we could now push it back into the corner of the room. First though, the museum staff removed their security camera from behind it.

With the installation pushed into the corner of the room, we then pushed the arch backwards into it. However, it did not slot in because the roof had been put on too far forward. The entire structure needed to be pulled back out and the roof taken down and repositioned.Eventually, we got there.

To fit the side walls on we had to remove the front roof panels - it's a good thing that was allowed for and it was screwed on!

The wall will need to be trimmed slightly to fit in place.

That's it for today - phew! It is looking very impressive. Part of the team will come back to make some adjustments next week and we're still waiting for the grass to arrive.

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