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Guildhall Museum - Time to cover the stones and Maidstone Studios - "Teach 'em a lesson&quo

Guildhall Museum - Kits Coty Project

We started covering all the surfaces in Styroputz.


Styroputz is a highly viscous paste based on a synthetic resin dispersion and coarse-grained marble sand. With Styroputz high build; good retentive coatings are manufactured in polystyrene and other surfaces. This area appears optically as plaster and is flame retardant.



For the first part of the day I, also, spent time with James Rouse the scenic painter, mixing paint and testing it on pre-prepared surfaces of Styroputz. This was to practice what the final paint effects would be on the finished 'stone slabs'.

Initially we tried applying it with the stones upright. What a disaster! It just fell off. We had to take the stones apart again and lay them all down to do this. Styroputz needed a good mix before you started and then we applied it 3mm thick, avoiding the bolt holes.

It was applied with a scraper and then when it was all on and slightly drier we gave it a light brush all over with a paint brush to smooth it out. This gave a really great finish.

So that we could coat the edges of the stone, I screwed on a wooden plate temporarily, to stop it from falling over while we did it.


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