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Maidstone TV - Photo time

This morning we (James, Leigh and I) photographed the entire set of props. I can't believe how many the team have made in the time frame. Here they are:


Fountain Pens x 2 made by me

Pencils x2 Started by me , finished by James

Rulers x 2 Made by me and James

Chalk x 2 Made by me

Books x 2 Made by Leigh and James

Chalk Boards Made by Lily

Historical Props

Rocket Made by Louise

Laurel made by Leigh

Ruff Made by Louise

Dinosaur Eggs - Made by Carmella and Charlotte , painted by me

Medussa - made by Charlotte

Axe- Made by Lily

Statue of Liberty Torch - made by James

Trunk for the props to go in- Painted by Leigh and James

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