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Maidstone TV - Pens, Paint and Graining

Using a heat gun I moulded the fountain pen nibs around the tube. I found that if they were not heated enough the nib became wavy. If, however, i heated until the nib was totally soft and floppy i could quickly smooth it around the tube with a pair of heat resistant gloves.

I made small "Stands" for the nibs to make them easier to paint and to ensure their shape was kept. This was done by drawing around the pen shaft onto PU foam scraps and cutting the required nib shape into the foam. I knew then that they would be of the perfect shape to fit my pens when the time came. I gave the nibs another coat of Covent Garden.

I then mixed up the paint colours for the wood graining using the chosen reference picture. This was the paint that would be used to wood grain the fountain pens, the chalk boards and the prop box.

I carried out tests on spare MDF of wood graining to ensure that this was the look that i

wanted to achieve.

Today James glued the measurements charts onto the prepared rulers, before i gave them another coat of button polish to blend the colours. This was very successful.

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