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Maidstone TV and Guildhall Museum - Plastic Pens and Polystyrene Rock.

AM: Maidstone studios

clear 1mm plastic nibs

Using the chosen template which i had made drew the nibs for the fountain pens onto 1mm clear plastic. I cut these out before abrading them with sandpaper so that they would take paint more easily. Following this i coated them both with covent garden primer.

I gave the entire pen shaft another coat of Covent Garden Primer to ensure that they were sealed and ready to paint.

Coating with Covent Garden Primer

Also today i cut the giant rulers to size before coating them on both sides with button polish.

PM: Guildhall Museum, Rochester.

We drew suitable rock shapes on to the polystyrene roof and side panels then making a template of each surface. This could be flipped over onto the other side of the "rock" So that it matched.

When it was drawn onto all the surfaces we used a hot wire cutter to cut it out. this was done with two people - one either side of the "rock" holding the wire taught and slowly guiding it along the drawn lines.

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