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Maidstone TV- Ideas are a go!

Am, Meeting to present our ideas to the Maidstone Television Studios team which had a really good response. Tara, Hanna, Hanna, Anna, Leigh and myself present. We were able to show them one completed pencil and the two sticks of chalk. We showed them the ideas we have had for the historical props section of the television show and these were all approved. They are as follows:-

Dinosaurs - An egg

Greeks - Medusa

Romans - Laurel

Henry VIII - An axe

Queen Victoria - A ruff

New York - The torch from the Statue of Liberty

Guy Fawkes - A rocket

It was agreed to a slight change in the size of the set - this would significantly reduce the cost, while making very little difference to the usable area for the contestants during the show.

Today I cut the tubes to length for the giant fountain pens. I created a 'cap' at both ends of the tube with polystyrene, in the same way as I had for the pencils. I shaped this into a large dome at one end, to be the bottom of the pen, and a flat end with smoothed off edges at the other in which to push the nib. I painted this all with Covent Garden Primer.

Myself and Leigh discussed how to create the nibs for the fountain pens and I drew out our choice, using the reference pictures, with simple geometry.

I used this to create cardboard templates of several different sizes, so that we could see which size was the most aesthetically pleasing. This chosen, I was ready to make the nib out of plastic.

Today Leigh made a start on the giant rubbers. We discussed the design and decided that a two tone effect would be the most pleasing.

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