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Guildhall - A slightly more modern way of making Kits Coty stay up.

Sketch of what our version of Kits Coty will look like.

The front aspect

Side view.

From above , showing the chamber. Inside the chamber there will be some bones and a skull 'buried' into the floor.

There will also be a tree stump, with a Bronze age axe head buried in it. This will be cast from the genuine article from the museum.

Reference picture for the bark of the tree stump.

PM. During the very last part of the day myself and Rachel cut a recess out of the top wall of the polystyrene ( Where the legs of the opening arch meet the crossbar). This was so that a plate of wood could be fitted into the recess to make a secure join between these pieces.

Wooden plate in place in the recess created.

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