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Maidstone TV - The Sharpie pen is mightier than the Chalk!

Before beginning anything else today I gave the oversized pencils a coat of diluted PVA glue followed by a coat of Covent Garden Primer to help seal the cardboard then left these to dry.

I cut a step into the bottom of the PU so that it would sit into the tube and not be able to be knocked off easily. This was glued in place with PVA.

This afternoon James joined our team and fancied finishing the 'larger than life' pencils, so we discussed with him what we were doing with them, and he continued the work.

Today I started to make oversized chalk. First I cut the tubes to the required length, before cutting the tip at an angle with the band saw. I sealed the ends with cardboard disks cut to shape and glued them with PVA. I then coated both of these with two coats of Covent Garden Primer to seal them. When this was dry I gave them both three coats of white matt emulsion. Unfortunately, I had written on the tubes with a black Sharpie, not thinking about the fact this would come through any number of layers of paint! Gutting. I'm going to have to put stain block on these tomorrow.

Covent Garden Primer

Designed for the Royal Opera House for priming vacuum formed plastics, this water based primer can be tinted and is ideal for difficult surfaces such as dance floor, PVC, clear plastics, and rubber flooring.


Covent Garden Primer is formulated to be a first coat prior to conventional painting although adding 20% to your scenic paint will normally make it stick to dance floor materials.

The best water based primer for vacuum formed plastic sheet.

Aids adhesion of water based paints to difficult substrates.

Use it when painting dance floors - see also Hatocel plastic sheet paints.

Very popular, well tried product.

Coverage is 8 square metres per litre.

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