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Maidstone TV - Time to make our point....!

Leigh and myself spent time this morning drawing sketches of the props which were required for the Maidstone project. Initially we designed the chalk, pencils and erasers discussing the optimum size and colours. We were careful to bear in mind the budget restrictions, while finding creative ways to make the props which were required for the show. The mood boards which Leigh had produced for the pencils were put up on the wall so that the entire team could see what we were aiming for as far as design and colouring went.

We had decided that we would like an orangey-yellow pencil with a pink rubber. Also that this would be made with defined black edges to give it a feel that would compliment the chalk board look of the set design.

Myself and Leigh cut the pencils to length in the afternoon from large cardboard tubes, before cutting two blocks of PU foam to create the tips. (One for each pencil) After finding the centre of each block by drawing a cross, We drew the circumference of the tube onto it with a compass at both ends.

We then cut this out on the band saw ready to be shaped into a pencil tip.

More reference images that had been gathered, of each type of prop that we have been asked to make.

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