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Maidstone TV Project - First meeting and Brainstorm Day 1.

A Timeline of the set build from start to finish - yikes!

Following research and thought over the weekend we met with Bruce Hill to discuss ideas. An idea to draw all the items onto the set had been chosen from Thursday's meeting. A further idea had been had, to do this in chalk.

It was decided how the teams would be split- Tara, Hanna, Anna and Jess on set, with myself and Leigh to Lead design and making of props.

A more thorough list of props required is now decided upon by Maidstone TV studios team, they are as follows :

Oversized Items -

Pencil x2

Pen x2

Erasers x2

Rulers x2

Chalk x2

Books x2

Chalk Boards x2

There will also be a list of historical items for another round of the show to follow.

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